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Articles featuring Trisha Harp and The Harp Family Institute
Trisha Harp
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About Trisha Harp

The Entrepreneurship & Marriage Study:

Results that Matter

Trisha Harp, M.S., C.P.C., is an entrepreneur, researcher, speaker, author and coach. 


As an entrepreneur, you and your spouse are faced with a unique set of challenges and stressors.

Trisha’s research bears out that there is a Spillover Effect from desk to den and back again. In fact, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs believe that a positive home life brought greater success to their businesses. By helping leaders employ advanced communication techniques and strengthen relationship building skills, Trisha’s research-based insights will help you increase your success at home and in your business.


Trisha herself is no stranger to an entrepreneurial household. Not only was she born into one, she and her husband have created several companies of their own. Trisha founded the Harp Family Institute and has worked with entrepreneurs and their significant others for the past 15 years. She has successfully integrated their personal and business lives and strengthened their relationships and communication. To date, Trisha has written 5 books and is in the process of writing 3 more. She has been featured in Inc. Magazine,, and the Wall Street Journal.

Trisha Harp bestselling author and speak

What to Expect

As an 18 year spouse of an EO member who has been in 3 SLP Forums in 3 different Chapters, I know the importance of offering your members a highly impactful event with immense take-away value. 

I have dedicated the past 15 years to learning, interviewing, and surveying entrepreneurs and their spouses and have amassed over 102,000 data points that have guided my 5 principal topics: 

  1. Re-connecting

  2. Sharing more information about the business 

  3. Creating a shared vision for your future

  4. Deeply appreciating each other's contributions

  5. Establishing communication protocols

Armed with these baseline concepts, EO members, via a Forum or Chapter Event, will have the opportunity to:

√  participate directly in the research 

√  discover how to share information about your business in a way that works for both of you

√   increase spousal buy-in 

√   select from a series of exercises custom designed to impact communication based on the research.  

Most Recent Speaking Engagements

What to Expect


“Well worth the money! My entrepreneur’s forum decided to participate in a workshop at Trisha’s home. The working space was extremely cool and worked great for our needs. We were blown away by the knowledge, sincerity and clear passion that Trisha possesses. She is the real deal. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family and being married to a serial entrepreneur, Trisha ‘gets it’ and it comes across. Every question we posed, she had either data or a personal anecdote to share in response. Each time she was able to direct us to the workbook where we could find a way to discuss a topic or offer some suggestions on how to address an issue. I highly recommend spending some time with Trisha. You won’t regret it!

Mike Bacchus, EO Edmonton

“We love Trisha! After she worked with my husband’s forum, we brought her to Reno for a Chapter event and workshop. My husband had been apprehensive to talk with anyone, but Trisha’s open and real personality drew us both to her. When addressing analytical entrepreneurs, her research gives her presentation a backbone that can’t be denied!”

Caroline Kaplan, EO Reno

"Like many busy entrepreneurs, finding good balance between work and your spouse can be a struggle. Trish Harp's event helped us appreciate our roles and dependence to each other in a fun and enlightening way. Her interactive "live" surveys were eye opening in seeing that our responses were in alignment with hundreds of other entrepreneurial couples."

Martin & Rebecca, EO Southwest Virginia

“I flew Trisha in to speak to my clients (all entrepreneurs and their spouses). Her presentation really spoke to everyone in the room and my clients were genuinely appreciative. Considering the potentially delicate topic, the evening was full of laughter and the interactive survey component kept everyone on their toes. Trisha’s unique research coupled with her personal experience, sincere and warm presence made the night a truly memorable experience. I would highly recommend her. ”

Randy Gerber, EO Columbus

“My wife and I have been in and out of therapy for over 20 years. I have always asked if the therapist had a program we could follow. No one ever has. This is the first time I have been excited to go through a series of exercises with my wife. They look so easy and pertinent to our situation. Thank you for that.”

Anonymous, EO Edmonton


More testimonials can be found on Trisha's LinkedIn Profile.

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