I came to Trisha looking for tools that would help me grow in mycareer and life. She has wildly exceeded my expectations! Trishahelps you think outside the box and personalizes mental tools tohelp you improve in every aspect of life. She is a life grower andchanger!

Jessica T., Atlanta, Georgia

Trish has been a crucial part of helping my wife and me align our communication styles to have a happy and productive marriage. Trish is amazing and she's great at keeping things real.

Josh T., Atlanta, Georgia 

Trisha is the real deal! She understands the challenge from both perspectives. She is easy to talk with, has great suggestions on how to improve communications, and is unique in her approach. Her data offers a refreshing perspective that questions habits many entrepreneurs have adopted. I have truly enjoyed hearing Trisha's presentation and have learned something new each time.

Ron D., San Jose, California

“We love Trisha. My husband has been apprehensive to talk with anyone but Trisha’s open and real personality drew us both to her. When addressing analytical entrepreneurs, her research gives her presentation a backbone that can’t be denied!”

Caroline K., Reno Nevada

Well worth the money! We were blown away by the knowledge, sincerity and clear passion that Trisha possesses. She is the real deal.Every question we posed, she had either data or a personal anecdote to share in response. Each time she was able to direct us to where in the workbook we could find a way to discuss a topic or offered some suggestions on how to address the issue.  I highly recommend spending some time with Trisha. You won’t regret it!

Mike B., Edmonton, Canada

I flew Trisha in to speak to my clients (all entrepreneurs and their spouses).  Her presentation really spoke to everyone in the room and my clients were genuinely appreciative. Considering the potentially delicate topic, the evening was full of laughter and the interactive survey component kept everyone on their toes. Trisha’s unique research coupled with her personal experience, sincere and warm presence made the night a truly memorable experience. I would highly recommend her.

Randy G., Columbus, Ohio

After months of interviewing, I finally landed a job offer. I want totake this time to thank you for your help. I could tell that yourinsights were helpful in refining my interview technique to thepoint where I was able to close this opportunity.

Anthony S., Atlanta, Georgia 

Trisha’s seminars, based on deep research and personal experience, bring a fresh perspective that help spouses and significant others navigate the personal and family journey making it possible to launch a dream, turn it into a prosperous business all the while strengthening the family relationship! A must attend session for our company CEO’s and their significant others.

Dan W., Washington D.C.

I have been fortunate to hear Trisha present two times on her research on entrepreneurs and their spousal and family relationships and have come away with something new each time. Trisha has great insight into what it means to be an entrepreneur and the spouse of an entrepreneur and is adept at exploring the unique situations we encounter as part of the journey of business ownership.

Jeffrey W., Columbus, Ohio

Once again, thanks so much for your time this morning. I was truly inspired and look forward to picking your brain some more.

I really took your advice seriously. Today, I decided to surprise my wife with lunch. We ended up having a small picnic in her classroom. You are right – those small things do make a difference.

Chino B., San Mateo, California

Trisha is adept at identifying unique obstacles within entrepreneurial families and coaching couples on strategies to overcome them. She is relatable and has an awesome sense of humor. My husband and I both agree that Trisha consistently plays an invaluable role in the success of our marriage!

Kerri M., Atlanta, Georgia

Like many busy entrepreneurs, finding a good balance between work and your spouse can be a struggle. Trisha Harp's event helped us appreciate our roles and dependent to each other in a fun and engaging way. Her interactive "live" surveys were in alignment with 100's of other entrepreneurial couples. 

Martin & Rebecca J., Virginia

The first time I met with Trisha, I was not at my best emotionally. As a woman who planned on retiring within the next 5 years or so, I was not expecting to make a career change. With Trisha’s understanding, patience and guidance, I discovered a lot about myself, and what I needed to do to move ahead. So now, I’m taking a risk and doing something I should have done a long time ago...start my own business. Thank you Trisha for being my coach and going on this journey with me. 

Amy J., Atlanta, Georgia 

If you want to be inspired and laugh at the same time, you want to work with Trisha. She was one of the speakers at my Women With Dynamic Purpose conference. She packed a lot information in a small amount of time, I was so impressed. When she was done with her session, I thought to myself, wow she just gave me information that I can actually use. Her process of solving problems and Identifying solutions is enlightening. All of the attendees were complementary as well. I recommend Trisha, and I would definitely ask her to speak at my conference again. 

Catherine V., Atlanta, Georgia

My wife and I had the privilege of working with Trisha through our first year of marriage and she was amazing. She helped us communicate better, understand each other, deal with conflict and hurt feelings in a productive way and even helped my wife understand that I'm usually right... OK, the last part isn't true. Trisha has a gift for helping people see and understand things from another's perspective which is a pretty amazing gift, especially with strange breeds like entrepreneurs that often have significantly different time constraints and stress points.

Josh M., Atlanta, GA

My wife and I have been in and out of therapy for over 20 years. I have always asked if the therapist had a program we could follow. No one ever has. This is the first time I have been excited to go through a series of exercises with my wife. They look so easy and pertinent to our situation. Thank you for that.


"Open communication makes the heart beat easier. It's still not easy to talk about money with my husband; but I keep your voice in the back of my head saying, "Share the information. . ."  Thank you for helping me stay grounded!" 

Michell S., Foster City, California