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Bonaire Adventure Retreat

Join us for 1 week this summer for a life changing experience. Come as a single, couple or family and I promise you will go home having tried something new and having unleashed your spirit within.

Bonaire Adventure Retreat
Bonaire Adventure Retreat

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

About the event

Are you tired of the same 'ole same 'ole? Are you looking for something to stretch and ignite your mind, body and soul? Family vacations getting stale? Join us for this one of a kind experience that taps into the primal nature of who we are at our core. Your guides, Derek and Trisha Harp have been adventuring, exploring and challenging themselves and those around them for over 15 years. They view life from a different lens and have refused to live by societal norms. Their family motto, simply the one word, "options", has helped them to remember that regardless of what life throws their way, they are never stuck.

By participating in this experience, you and your group will emerge with new insights, passions, and a greater understanding of who you are and who you want

to be.

The island of Bonaire offers so much more than SCUBA and Snorkeling. Although they can (and should) be a significant component of your time with us, we will take each experience to the next level. Much like the island itself, a raw diamond in the rough, you will find that by the end of your vacation, you will be able to brush off some of your built up exterior and reclaim your shining spirit within.

When we first visited Bonaire, we flew down full of life's burdens. We had fallen into the lifestyle we had been trying to avoid since we first met. Commitments, mortgages, car payments, kids sports and activities, just to mention a few. While "The Jone's" have designed an idyllic life for many, we were reminded during our stay, of who we are and who we were meant to be. After just a few short days there, the jokes and laughter started flowing again. A sense of excitement and adventure seared through our veins. 

Did we return fully relaxed? No, we had our children with us, so realistically speaking, it was a trip, not a vacation. But upon our return to the everyday hum drum we had become accustomed to, Bonaire hung in the air. It was magical. As adults, it is rare to experience something

Truly unique.

Truly moving.

Truly adventurous.

And we did.

As a family.

As a couple.

And as individuals.

We all came home with new experiences that stretched our comfort zones and ignited a sense of power and pride within. That is what we want to share with you. That is what we believe you will take from this experience with us.

That is why we are inviting you to join us today as we embark on this new business concept. As we begin this new adventure of sharing "Our Bonaire" with everyone, we hope that you will commit to one week this summer. As we develop and unfold this business concept, we plan to rent a large home that can host several families, couples and individuals at one time.

Costs for the week will be clearly outlined prior to your commitment to stay. If you would like to book a business retreat with us, we have made other accommodations that can house as many peopleas you need.

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