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Private COVID-19 Friendly Backyard with

27 6ft Markers in Fully Shaded Wooded Area*

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It takes $$ and time to maintain The Grove!

Between regular mosquito sprays and leaf raking, to replacement mulch and lighting, it is a space that is in constant need of up keep. Each time we rent it out, we also put in our time to get the space ready for you. We have based the price on $30 donation per person for an 8 person forum hoping that is reasonable. The space come equipped with chairs, extension cables, pens, 5 clip boards and 4 tray tables that can go between the chairs. If you would like anything below, feel free to rent whatever will make your experience truly unique and comfortable. 

The $240 price is intended for weekday business and/or forum rentals lasting 4 hours (M-Th and Friday until 2:30pm).

Weekend pricing is different. Please email me for pricing details. 

Nickel and Dime Options

*Please note: "The Grove" is ready for business, however, we are still working on installing WiFi for dual purpose, Zoom and in person meetings. 

Other things to note:

  1. Please bring your own wipes, masks & spray as we don't have enough for everyone. I do have hand sanitizer I leave by the bathroom door.

  2. There are 27 6ft markers placed in the woods. There are pre-measured circles of 6 and 10. I will attach a map if needed. 

  3. We have 3 fans and 2 heat lamp you can use upon request. If you have electric heat lamps that are easy to transport, you are welcome to bring them.

  4. You can amended the property to fit your social distancing needs. Just please put it back exactly the way you found it.

  5. The area has been professionally sprayed for mosquitos - but we can't guarantee it will be 100% mosquito free. It's best to wear closed toed shoes.

  6. There are several outlets in the woods and extension cables in the black bin.

  7. There are 10 umbrellas for your use in the black bin in case of rain. 

  8. There are 30 movable chairs available on the property (not including the Adirondack and orange conversation area chairs). 

  9. You can use the bathroom just inside the house (by the griddle) or request a camping toilet. 

  10. We have 2 hammocks in the black bin for your use as well.

  11. We are centrally located in Brookhaven.

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