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"Help me help you!" I love that cheesy line so many of us laughed at and enjoyed in the movie Jerry Maguire. But ever since the line was spoken, that's what I've aimed to do! I can't help people who aren't open to change, but for those who are genuinely seeking to better themselves, as long as you help me to understand your hang ups, I can help you to unlock your blockers. 

I was born to be a shrink, but the idea of psychoanalyzing people day in and day out sounded like torture. (Not to mention it freaked out my college friends so I stopped "shrinking" people.) I have a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Human Development and Family Science. Once I discovered Coaching and the principal of looking forward instead of backward, I was sold!

I have an uncanny ability to get people, help people get each other and help people get themselves. I have been deemed a "relationship translator" because of this skill. I make it easier for people to better understand the perspective of those around them by "translating" what they are saying in a way that better resonates with the other person.

I offer this service through in-person and online coaching. I work with individuals, couples, business partners, co-workers, and basically anyone who feels stuck in a certain area of life. 

I'd love to help you, too!

How I Can

Help You

Practice makes perfect . . . right? If you believe that as a fundamental truth, then you are in the right place. We all have room to grow, in every facet of life, and whe...
Rock Your Interviews!
1 hr


“We love Trisha. My husband has been apprehensive to talk with anyone but Trisha’s open and real personality drew us both to her. When addressing analytical entrepreneurs, her research gives her presentation a backbone that can’t be denied!”

Caroline K., Reno Nevada

Once again, thanks so much for your time this morning. I was truly inspired and look forward to picking your brain some more.

I really took your advice seriously. Today, I decided to surprise my wife with lunch. We ended up having a small picnic in her classroom. You are right – those small things do make a difference.

Josh M., Atlanta, GA

Chino B., San Mateo, California

Well worth the money! We were blown away by the knowledge, sincerity and clear passion that Trisha possesses. She is the real deal.Every question we posed, she had either data or a personal anecdote to share in response. Each time she was able to direct us to where in the workbook we could find a way to discuss a topic or offered some suggestions on how to address the issue.  I highly recommend spending some time with Trisha. You won’t regret it!

My wife and I had the privilege of working with Trisha through our first year of marriage and she was amazing. She helped us communicate better, understand each other, deal with conflict and hurt feelings in a productive way and even helped my wife understand that I'm usually right... OK, the last part isn't true. Trisha has a gift for helping people see and understand things from another's perspective which is a pretty amazing gift, especially with strange breeds like entrepreneurs that often have significantly different time constraints and stress points.

Trisha is adept at identifying unique obstacles within entrepreneurial families and coaching couples on strategies to overcome them. She is relatable and has an awesome sense of humor. My husband and I both agree that Trisha consistently plays an invaluable role in the success of our marriage!

Kerri M., Atlanta, GA

Mike B., Edmonton, Canada